Spotify Download Manager


Spotify Download Manager

by cosmohacker

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- You can download your songs,playlists,artists and albums easily with this application.
- Download formats [.mp3, .m4a, .flac(yes flac), .opus, .ogg]
- If download disrupted or your internet gets offline while you are downloading, no problem you can recover your download process.
- It's free. (I think we can count this as feature)


You can install latest setup file from here.



Select your download type [Song, Playlist, Album, Artist]
Then enter link and output folder(Download Location) and Hit Download Button.

If you want to download from JSON :

1. First you need to go Spotify Account
2. After that click Privacy
3. You will see Download Your Data section at the end of page.
4. Request your data from Spotify.
5. After Download your Spotify data unzip my_spotify_data.zip.
6. When unzipping its done you will see .json file types (ex:Playlist1.json/Playlist2.json).
7. Then choose JSON from download section. Write playlist name (you can see playlist names in terminal or just open and look JSON) select JSON file the program will download songs and creates recovery file to your JSON file location.


Choose your recovery file to resume previous download process it will download songs to recovery file path but be careful if previous songs not in the same directory it will start downloading from beggining, so do not change the music files location.

In Windows, the setup file can be detect as a virus, because the inno setup program is likely to be on the black list and I didn't make any certification for the setup, there is no virus. You can scan with external virus programs such as Kaspersky, Avast etc.

Here is same problems: